Edgar Gomez is working on his first essay collection, High-Risk Homosexual.

His writing has most recently been published and anthologized in Longreads, The Rumpus, The LA Review of Books, The James Franco Review, and Best Gay Stories. In 2018, he received the Marcia McQuern Award in Nonfiction. He is currently completing his MFA at the University of California, Riverside. 

High-Risk Homosexual is about the spaces queer people inhabit and how they impact our identities. It features stories set in Orlando bathhouses, Nicaraguan cockfighting rings, and Pulse Nightclub. 

"Gomez explores survivor’s guilt as well as his belief in the strength of the queer community to rally from this tragedy. He balances hope and humor with the realities of hate, erasure, and violence." - NewPages.com 

"Waltzes effortlessly between first person memoir and queer theory." - OutInPrint.com

"Essential." - Digg.com