Edgar Gomez is currently working on his first book High-Risk Homosexual.

He holds an M.F.A. from the University of California, Riverside, and is a recipient of the Marcia McQuern Award in nonfiction as well as a coveted third-year fellowship from UCR. He lives in Brooklyn, where he is saving up to buy good lotion.

High-Risk Homosexual is a memoir about holding on to pride while coming-of-age of in a culture of machismo. The book opens in his uncle’s cockfighting ring in Nicaragua, where Gomez was sent at 12 years old to learn to be a man. Following his life through snapshots set in queer spaces—from a drag queen convention in Los Angeles, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, and the doctor’s office where he was diagnosed a high-risk homosexual—his stories capture the risk of being gay and Latino, and the joy that makes this identity worthwhile.

"Gomez explores survivor’s guilt as well as his belief in the strength of the queer community to rally from this tragedy. He balances hope and humor with the realities of hate, erasure, and violence.” - NewPages.com 

"Waltzes effortlessly between first person memoir and queer theory." - OutInPrint.com

"Essential." - Digg.com